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Major services offered by Geonavigator

  • Updating the air navigation database.
  • Conversion of the airborne database data format to the main data delivery format
  • Encryption and data compression.
  • Data protection from errors during storage, transmission and reception.
  • Supply of an up-to-date air navigation database to Users.

Delivery package

The delivery package of the air navigation database includes:
   primary database set;
  database update files.
The primary set of air navigation database is delivered to avionics equipment manufacturers.
Air navigation database is updated online under the contract signed by the User and Geonavigator.


Service for registered users
Within the license term, a registered user will be able to use the latest air navigation database in accordance with the AIRAC cycles.

Hardware and Software Requirements
The avionics equipment, which is equipped with the current air navigation databases, has various designs. It passed the tests and obtained the Validity Certificate for components.


Installation procedure
The primary set of air navigation digital database is installed by the equipment manufacturer.
Equipment with the latest pre-loaded database of aeronautical data is delivered to the User.


Air Navigation Database Updating Procedure
The air navigation database is updated under the contract.
The latest air navigation database is delivered to the end user online.
The parties may agree to consider other options and conditions to deliver the latest air navigation database.


Update Scheduling
Amendments and additions to the air navigation database, which may contain important operational information, will be sent to the User in accordance with the regulation and control system for air navigation information AIRAC ICAO that is recognized globally. This system is based on a globally approved sequence of common effective dates with an interval of 28 days.


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